Support Group Meetings
If you are living with lymphoedema, attending a lymphoedema support group meeting may be of benefit to you.

The AIMS of the group are:

  1. To provide support for people living with lymphoedema. Many people with lymphoedema have no contact with others who have the condition and as a result feel ‘different’ and isolated. A support group provides a safe place for a gathering of patients, family members and friends, where they can share experiences, vent anger, sorrow etc., as well as cultivate a positive fighting attitude.
  2. To provide information and education on lymphoedema.

By providing information and reassurance that lymphoedema can be managed, the support group can help to alleviate feelings of helplessness. Information will be given on such issues as: understanding what lymphoedema is and what it me
ans to have the condition; principles of management and details of current methods of treatment and control; the availability of compression garments; as well as other related educational topics.

“Under the Umbrella”
Support group meetings are held throughout the year at different venues. Should you wish to attend one of these meetings, please contact the group leader on the phone number supplied below to verify your intention of attending. There will often be a charge of $2 per person, per meeting, towards cost of light refreshments and/or postage.

To join the Lymphoedema Support Group of NSW (annual subscription fee $15) CLICK HERE, then print and send in the membership form .