The Lymphomaniacs join Relays for Life around NSW!

Lymphomaniacs at the Hornsby Cancer Council Relay for Life – 22nd October 2011.

In October 2011, the Lymphomaniacs made an appearance at the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life in Hornsby. In March 2012, the Lymphomaniacs held an Iced Tea Party and Information Stall at the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life on the North Shore. They were fabulous days, raising awareness for Lymphoedema within the community and amongst medical professionals and politicians. We were even able to make an impact on local radio! We had lots of support from our members, and the days were enjoyed by all!

This year, we are asking our members to get involved with Relays for Life across NSW. All you need to do is form a team, and register with the Cancer Council websites. And don’t forget to wear your Lymphomaniacs T-shirt to the relay! To find out more on how you can be involved, Email us.

More information about “Relay for Life” can be found on the Cancer Council Website.

Get involved now to make a difference! Everyones contribution counts!