Those living with lymphoedema or providing support to people with lymphoedema are invited to this virtual event to grow their knowledge & awareness.
Date: Saturday, 6th November 2021
Time: 9.45am – 2.00pm AETD
Location: Online Event
Cost: $15 members, $30 non-members

Note: LSGNSW 2020 membership was rolled over meaning if you were a member last year then you are a member this year

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Commencing at 9.45am and closing at 2.00pm, our program features the following presentations:

10.00am | Professor Neil Piller: Everything You Wanted to Know About Lymphoedema and Lipoedema

11.00am | Dr Helen Mackie: Surgical Options and Research Update

12:20pm | Dr Debbie Geyer: Building Your Support Team

1.05pm | Kim Allan: Best Practice Management

* Short breaks, including a 30 minute lunch break, have been scheduled.

** Please note the program may be subject to change without notice.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Neil Piller

Neil is Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, an advisory committee member of ENCORE, a board member of the SA Health Compression Garment Scheme and a member of the Australasian Lymphoedema Association Research Committee.

Neil is Clinical Sciences Editor (Journal of Lymphoedema) , Australasian Editor (Lymphatic Research/Biology) and an Editorial Board member of Lymphology.

Neil is patron of the National Australian Lipoedema Support Group and the Lymphoedema Association of South Australia.

Neil and team are currently investigating the accuracy of applied pressure profiles during bandaging and examining the effect of vibration on normal and lymphoedematous legs as well as a trial of a new medication along with two other Australian sites. My recent editorials have been about the relationship between diet, the microbiome, gut health, lymphatics, the brain and MLD, and about “Pressure: Are we getting it right? as well as “What about us” – the Patient Perspective and “Are we there yet?” in the Journal of Lymphoedema.

Neil is committed to improving the outcomes for lymphoedema patients by ensuring treatment strategies are targeted/sequenced and helping clinicians deliver what is optimal which meet patient functional and personal needs with a holistic multi-disciplinary approach.

Presentation: Everything You Wanted to Know About Lymphoedema and Lipoedema

It’s hard to put it all in a few words, but basically, we are all individuals with different genetics, family, surgical and medical histories along with our problems and needs. But the key word here is “individuals” and that is what must be acknowledged along with the identification, treatment and management of your condition and it must be appropriate for what you and your partner or carer is able to do in terms of compliance and adherence to our needs to help you get on the path to a good outcome. In this talk you will learn about the similarities and differences between lipoedemas and lymphoedemas and see other conditions which can look similar. Lymphoedemas can be primary (poorly formed due to a genetic issue) or secondary (due to surgery or radiotherapy associated with cancer treatment), and they generally progress though a fluid, fatty and fibrous stages. Lipoedema is associated with a disproportionate increase in fatty tissues and pain generally in the legs and it’s generally associated with hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, and menopause). While lymphoedemas are characterised by accumulated fluids due to lymphatic system failure, at all stages in lipoedemas there are no fluids accumulating except in its very late stages when it can be called lipo-lymphoedema. There is new information being presented and considered internationally about our understanding of lipoedemas but the important focus should always revolve around an accurate differential diagnosis by a professional, and the importance of you providing information about you and your condition so the team of professionals can best sequence and target their treatments.

Speaker: Dr Helen Mackie

Helen is a Rehabilitation Physician, and is clinical lead in Mt Wilga Lymphoedema service and MQHealth (Macquarie University Hospital) lymphoedema service. Helen has been medical advisor and President of the ALA and involved in advocacy with the LAA.

Presentation: Surgical Options and Research Update (from ALERT, Macquarie University)

This presentation will provide:

1. An outline of the 3 lymphatic surgical options, their patient selections criteria and 5 year outcome data

2. Information of ALERT research program, articles published and in progress and planned.

Speaker: Dr Debbie Geyer

Dr Debbie Geyer is a GP working in Sydney. Debbie is a familiar name/face to many in the lymphoedema community, having been a past president of the LSGNSW and current medical advisor for the Australasian Lymphology Association. Debbie has primary lymphoedema and is passionate about advocacy for people living with lymphoedema, as well as increasing the knowledge and understanding of lymphoedema within the medical profession.

Speaker: Kim Allan

Kim is a member of the Northern Sydney Lymphoedema Support Group. She started her Lymphoedema training with Brenda Lee and Joy Yule, then her level 2 with Hildegard Reul-Hirche. She has also trained in wound care with Gary Bain.

Kim comes from the background of a Credentialled McKenzie Physiotherapist, with emphasis on simple self management strategies. She also uses the ‘NOI Explain Pain ‘ philosophy to assist her clients with chronic pain.


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